June 2013


Issue Eighteen

Message from the Board

Greetings! As we head into June, we are very happy to report that iCircle continues to move forward on application readiness. The workgroups have been busy submitting draft pieces for review and have continued to build our service network. iCircle has a robust, diverse network of providers who have a balanced list of services throughout a wide catchment area. We continue to concentrate our efforts on reaching the most underserved individuals, while building a network throughout Central New York that offers a choice of two providers for each service to our future members. OPWDD has reported that the final RFA will be released in mid-June and will start the open enrollment process in January 2014. They are anticipating that by April 2014 services will start being delivered in the pilot DISCO’s.   

Transparency remains an important value of ours, so we will continue to keep you updated as we learn more. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@icirclefl.org if you have any questions or would like to be more involved in the planning phases. Enjoy this week’s Provider Spotlights!

Provider Spotlight: Fairport Baptist Homes

Established: 1904

Mission: To create a flourishing residential community by constantly seeking to discover better ways to live and work together and by building upon the best of what we have already accomplished.

Vision: We envision for our residents normalcy and individualized quality care. We will work in partnership to create the best of “home:” an environment of friendship, spontaneity, creativity, comfort and pleasure. We envision a place where each of us is known; where each is comfortable being one’s self, where each of us wants to be. And we envision a thriving and growing community, full of life and vitality, in which all are welcome and all contribute.

Executive Director/CEO: Tom Poelma 

Services for Seniors: Assisted Living, Adult Day Health Care, Care Management Services, Community Education, Independent Housing, In-Home Care, Intergenerational Programs, Rehabilitation/Transitional Care, Skilled Nursing Home, Support Groups, Transportation, Volunteer Program

Number of Employees: 400

Number of Individuals Served: Approximately 1,500 annually

Coverage Area: Monroe, Ontario, Wayne

Ages Served: Our Day Health Care Program serves people 18+ with medical needs; Transitional Care / Rehabilitation serves a wide range of ages from 50-90. Our senior services primarily help seniors either in their home or at Fairport Baptist Homes from age 55+.

Provider Spotlight: Cayuga Centers

Established: 1852

Mission: Our mission is to help children, families, and individuals to grow as independent, healthy and productive citizens through quality counseling, residential and support services. We do this in partnership with those we serve as well as government agencies and other service providers.     

Executive Director/CEO: Edward Myers Hayes

Developmental Disability Services: Our Services for People with Developmental Disabilities (SPwDD) programs provide quality individualized, person-centered services in the areas of Medicaid Service Coordination, Early Intervention Ongoing Service Coordination, Day Habilitation, At-Home Residential Habilitation, Weekend Respite, In Between Respite, After 5 Respite, and Family Reimbursement.  Whatever their goals may be, our programs help individuals with developmental disabilities achieve them.

Other Services: Residential Treatment Program, Treatment Family Foster Care, Functional Family Therapy, Multisystemic Therapy, Family Resiliency Programs, and licensed Mental Health Center.

Number of Employees: 300

Number of Individuals Served: 1,300 cases annually

Coverage Area: Cayuga, Seneca, Onondaga for SPwDD programs

Ages Served: Infants through Adults

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Mission: iCircle Services is a service portal where individuals with developmental disabilities and their families can self-direct, advocate, and secure the supports and services that best fit their needs. We are guided by individual choice, inclusion, diversity, cultural competence, respect, community, learning and empowerment for those we serve.

Vision: iCircle Services will establish a comprehensive, sustainable, trusted, and compassionate system of supports and services that will help empower families and individuals with developmental disabilities to promote their happiness, independence and inclusion as productive members of our community.

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